Officers & Committees

Leadership Team for Poweshiek County Democrats Central Committee 2017

CO-CHAIRS: Rachel Bly, John Grennan

VICE CHAIR: Bill Menner


TREASURER: Donna Winburn

PLATFORM: Poweshiek County Democratic Party Platform (PDF)

NOTE: If you are interested in filling one of our leadership vacancies, or know of someone who might want to serve on the Central Committee, contact us at

Representatives for the Precinct of CGWS (Chester, Grant, Washington, Sugar Creek)

  1. Ricky Evans
  2. Judy Ludwick
  3. Jim Kessler

Representatives for Grinnell Ward 1

  1. Maura Strassburg
  2. Ed Cohn
  3. Susan Ferrari

Alternates: John Grennan, Donna Winburn

Representatives for Grinnell Ward 2

  1. Jamie Leonard
  2. Tara Shukla
  3. Sarah Barks

 Representatives for Grinnell Ward 3

  1. Josh Ellis
  2. Catherine Rod
  3. Abby Griffith

Representatives for Grinnell Ward 4

  1. Austin Wadle
  2. Jordan Schiebel
  3. Maggie Ashford

Alternate: David Harrison, Angela Edgington

Representatives for the Precinct of JUPS (Jackson, Union, Pleasant, and Scott)

  1. Diana Dawley
  2. David Coffey
  3. Heather Jack

Representatives for the Precinct of BMWJ (Bear Creek, Madison, Warren, Jefferson)

  1. Jason Roudabush
  2. Pat Beatty
  3. Sharon Herman

Representatives for the Precinct of DL (Deep River/Lincoln)

  1. Becky Petig
  2. Lori Wolf
  3. Rebecca Sexauer

Representatives for the Precinct of MS (Malcom/Sheridan)

  1. Rita Ferneau
  2. Vacant
  3. Vacant

Representatives for the City of Montezuma

  1. Nick Nelson
  2. Bridget Miller
  3. Jeff Bradley