The Poweshiek County Democratic Party supports and encourages the success of Democrats at every level of state and local government for the benefit of Poweshiek County residents. We believe in the U.S. Constitution, human rights, a safe and clean environment, and the opportunity to live a happy and full life, regardless of our race, creed, gender, or socioeconomic status. Want to volunteer? Click here.

  • July 4th Parade, Grinnell 2017
    July 4th Parade, Grinnell 2017
  • Courtney Rowe
    Courtney Rowe
  • John Norris
    John Norris
  • Liz Bennett
    Liz Bennett
  • Climate Change March 2017
    Climate Change March 2017
  • Health Care Panel April 2017
    Health Care Panel April 2017
    Health Care Panel April 2017
  • Meeting with Blair Lawton
    Meeting with Blair Lawton
  • Caucus Meeting 2017
    Caucus Meeting 2017
  • Montezuma Iowa
    Montezuma Iowa
  • Statehouse March 2017
    Statehouse March 2017
  • Grinnell Iowa
    Grinnell Iowa
  • Brooklyn Iowa
    Brooklyn Iowa
  • Womens March 2017
    Womens March 2017
  • Democrats at Work
    Democrats at Work
  • Lake Ponderosa
    Lake Ponderosa